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The Korn philosophy
The Korn Philosophy

Learning common idioms and expressions
in different situations important
while learning language.

Therefore, learning various expressions while watching video is main philosophy idea of The Korn App.

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The Korn Features
The Korn New Concepts

New Concepts
New way of learning

Three-step method to
learn a language naturally.

The Korn Everyday new video

Everyday new video

Everyday, a new video for free.

The Korn Real-Life Korean

Real-Life Korean

Learn colloquial language by
watching real-life conversations

The Korn Learning method
Get 100% result by using The Korn.
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The Korn Step 02
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The Korn Reviews

"Many useful words for real life situations. While watching videos, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined."


"If you are studying Korean, make sure you have this app. The best app to practice Korean skills. App has both fun and learning."


"I am busy worker and it is difficult to invest time, but it is good app to learn little by little."

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